12 Feb 2012

happy ONE year, mademoiselle!

There's been one whole year since I'm doing this blog! I can't believe it! I have so much to say, so if you really don't want to read a lot, I won't be mad if you skip a little bit.
  So... I really can't believe that one year has passed since I started my blog, and I didn't want to talk cliches, but I am so thankful... one year ago I started from the zero, without a real concept, but I had so many ideas and I didn't realize them all, but I still keep them in my head. I find a big progress in my work, I am putting all my energy when I'm doing something for this blog... and like everyone else I had ups and downs and now I can't believe I am still passionate doing this and it feels sooo goood!
 I am sure that I am capable of much more and after another year I will be even better in my work. I have so much to show you, guys!
 I didn't win an Oscar or any other price which I have to be thankful for, but I prepared a "speech" ...so:
 Thank you, mom, for pushed me to start a blog and advertising me at the beginning,  also I want to thank Demo and Tono, my friends from Demobaza, who also made me start this awesome project and I can say that without them, this blog would never exist. I want to thank to Dayana- my closest friend for supporting me, correcting me, criticizing me, to her sister Martina- my biggest fan and all my AWESOME friends who let me shoot them, and support me so much! I am blessed with so many good friends who support me.
And I want to thank YOU, you who is reading this right now, without your interest and curiosity for art,also taste ... and even style... , thanks to you I am the person that I am now, I am doing those awesome things that before I was only looking in other blogs and sites, I am meeting so many interesting people like bloggers and designers and photographers and stylists and I am also making my dream comes true... yup, THANK YOU, this is really a big deal for me!
For one year Mademoiselle E.:
Made 207 posts
Shoot more than 600 photos for the blog
was viewed 17 000 times, with 8 000 unique views
was followed by 50 AWESOME people in blogger and 104 on facebook and 80+ on twitter
All this information might not be so impressive for some people and I won't blame them because I know that my blog is not for everyone, It's somehow different, special and unique and  it is not commercial (something I am really trying to avoid)
I am wishing myself and this blog success, peace and many new and cool projects!


  1. Честит рожден ден, блогченце!^^

  2. Happy Birthday, Mademoiselle E =)))

  3. Happy B-day! For many to come and much to accomplish :}

  4. Йей, честита една годинка! Обичам блога ти, защото във всеки един пост се отличава индивидуалността ти. :)