25 Jun 2012

Elevation 2012

 Only good memories left from this year's Elevation festival. With so many young, fresh people and good music, I am really glad that I was part of it! Because I couldn't take my camera with me, I used instagram to show you some shots.

13 Jun 2012

The tattoo

So, few days ago i  mentioned that I have a new tattoo! And here it is! I'm not sure that i have to tell you what the tattoo represents, but I will just say that the three geometric symbols are giving me a good energy and I believe that I will recieve good vibes from it. It's simple, I love it....
And sorry about the lame photo that I've made by myself but I wanted to show it to you as soon as possible...

12 Jun 2012

Jewelry in spotlight

Yesterday, I accidentally found one pretty cool store for home decoration, food, gadgets and also- jewelry and more specific- bulgarian jewelry designer Armaveni Stoyanova and I felt in love with the pieces she makes by hand. I think her work deserve attention, so I am posting photos of her collections.
All the pieces are made from 18k gold and silver. In her last collection- "Cherry Blossom" she also uses hand- colored silk.

 And my total fave:
 "Love to love" collection:

Photos by Armaveni Stoyanova 
You can check out her site here