19 Nov 2011

Sofia Is All In. All Originals Party

Unfortunately you can't see my beautiful Adidas Originals t-shirt
photos from Adidas Originals party.

6 Nov 2011


Photo made at the Dragoman marsh today while we were having a walk there. It's a very romantic place...

29 Sep 2011

Vintage spirit (thank you Christian Dior)

This shoot was very spontanious, me and my friend were just sitting at my mom's studio and talking and few moments later I found mom's vintage Christian Dior glasses and the idea came up...

25 Aug 2011


That's my cousin, she is very artistic and I love taking photos of her. Those are the "moustache" series. I've made more "girly" photos and I will post them later :)

2 Aug 2011

8 Jun 2011

red and blue

I wanted to make a b/w photo with color accents and that was the first photo I've made! I like it...