27 Dec 2012

Peiki at Suspacious

This holiday make sure you visit Suspacios where you can see amazing art pieces and also few beautiful benches, created by my talanted mother Arch. Anna Nevrokopska and her team for European House. Interesting fact about them is that they are treated only with organic oils. More info HERE 

10 Dec 2012

Beat Pazar Christmas edition

Some photos from the last edition of Beat Pazar. I really had no time to upload them earlier this week, but here they are!

3 Dec 2012

The Messy Store

The Messy Store is one very ambitious project that my friend Emil wanted to start for a long time and now, with one awesome team, it is a fact! Last Sunday, The Messy Store made its first appearance on the Christmas edition of Beat Pazar. Of course, my job for this project was the photography and I think the result is pretty good!