29 Sep 2012

Sony A57

Aaaand here it is, my new precious! I can't wait to try it outside! And I have one BIG surprise, just hold on a week!

24 Sep 2012

Sunday morning sale

Yoanna's "Hermes" belt

I spent one pleasant and calm day, yesterday at bar "Goblet". Mademoiselle, Miss Vendella and Emil, from Art, fashion and alcohol collaborated about selling some of our clothes and accessories, that was a lot of fun and I am glad that few of my things found their new owners.
And also, those are probably my last photos with my darling Sony A330 and in few days, one sweet girl will enjoy shooting with it.

23 Sep 2012

Maria vol.2

I made these photos at today's "Sunday morning sale" event at bar "Goblet".
More from that event, tomorrow...

3 Sep 2012


 You recognize the place, right? Yesterday we had some "lady time" at home, my friend Maria impressed me with her rock/romantic outfit and I had to capture it! And soon, I promise, I will photograph something beyond this apartment...

1 Sep 2012

goodbye summer

It's September now, I am back in Sofia, preparing for a  "hard work" season and because I spent one hell of a summer holiday, I just couldn't resist uploading few of my favorite photos from the vacation with my friends.